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Why Grand HVAC Leasing for your Business?

Dealer Benefits

✓  Increase sales

✓  Improve margins

✓  All Makes and Models

✓  Own your customer

✓  Quick payment process

✓  High credit approval rates

✓  Easy to use

✓  Access to Dealer Network

✓  Account Management

Grand HVAC Leasing (GHL) was founded by Contractors, for Contractors. This program provides Contractors with a 100% worry-free alternative solution for managing your customers’ HVAC needs. In return the Contractor owns the Customer and secures future service and maintenance revenue streams. Become an approved GHL Dealer today.


Our authorized Dealers provide equipment, complete installations, and include full-service repairs and multi-year maintenance within a lease. Dealers use the lease program as a sales tool, financing option, worry-free protection plan, and a multi-year maintenance program bundled into one.


The Dealer network is comprised of Contractors across Ontario that want a true competitive advantage in the market.

You will find that the GHL Leasing Program expands your sales - today and in the future.

Benefits you enjoy as a GHL Dealer include:

  • Increase sales and margins – proven success with GHL Dealers
  • Use the equipment you know and sell today – nothing changes
  • No capital outlay required for equipment – GHL pays Dealer quickly & directly
  • Own the customer with committed future service and maintenance revenue – GHL pays Dealer directly
  • Simple and easy process – quick pricing and approval process
  • High credit approval rates – customized credit approval process made simple
  • Experienced Sales and Account Management support to help you close more business

GHL Dealers provide customers with real world customized solutions to manage their HVAC needs. The primary objective of the leasing program is to free up cash flow so customers can focus on managing and growing their business.

Benefits associated with leasing include:

  • No upfront equipment or installation cost – no capital required
  • Eliminates extended warranties and annual maintenance contracts through our bundled solution
  • Minimizes contractor selection process – authorized Dealers only
  • Predictable monthly payments – simple budgeting
  • No unexpected service labour or parts repair costs – worry-free service included
  • No capital budgeting necessary – EVER
  • 100% business operating expense

Help your customers stop capitalizing products and services that are not integral components of their business success. In simple terms, buy appreciating assets, and lease depreciating assets.

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